Icelandic Provisions

My new job does not afford me much time to maintain my blog, nor keep up with news in Iceland. But with a sore throat and stuffy head, I've been home for two days now resting, catching up on some reading and writing. Reading an article for peer review related to the sagas, and writing script about the Norse gods. That is a happy beginning to the new year for me.

And I'm happy to report that there is now available at the stores in the U.S. a product called "Icelandic Provisions". It is skyr, and comes in a nifty square container, unlike all the other yogurts in circular shapes. I'm digging it. OK, well, more important than the packaging is that it actually tastes like Skyr! I applaud Siggi for trying his healthy weird skyr like thing in the stereotypical round container, but I am so glad that a more authentic product is on the market. I think MS Mjolk owns it, and I am very glad they have figured out a marketing strategy that allows their products to reach U.S. consumers. I need a taste of the home country from time to time.


Unknown said…
Nah, Siggi did it on his own. He is possibly selling it now but it is basically something he built from nothing
Björn Friðgeir said…
Ignore my last comment! Happy New Year
Lissy said…
I've bought Siggi's skyr here in the us before, it was exciting to see it on the shelves. But the taste wasn't quite what I expected as someone used to Icelandic skyr. So yeah!

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