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Eins og 17 júni?

I have lived in Seattle only a short while, and I'm still trying to find the Icelandic connections. I'm tracking down various leads of Icelandic settlers in the area, since according to this book there should be quite a  lot of Icelandic influence  in the Pacific Northwest. I haven't seen much evidence if it yet: the 17 juni celebration I went to here at the Nordic Heritage Museum had real Icelandic hotdogs but very few people who spoke Icelandic. So the community here doesn't seem to have a lot of depth to it. But as one of the places Icelandair recently started landing planes at on a regular basis, there is the chance that the Icelandic community here will become more vibrant. Nevertheless, 17 juni here will of course never rival 17 juni in Iceland. But I've been enjoying touring around the Seattle area lately. It is nice to have a travel companion who enjoys car rides and going new places, and who helps pay thing