Been a while

So, I haven't blogged in a while, or been keeping up with the Icelandic news much. But I must say I am a bit pleased that US politics aren't the only ones in a bizarre post-election limbo land. The Icelandic situation of not being able to form a coalition government is intriguing. How long until a government is formed, and will the resulting cabinet be as mish-mash-apple-sauce as whatever blob is emerging from Trump Tower? I don't know, but I am morbidly curious to witness this slow train wreck.

I was looking back through some old blogs, and discovered it was in August of 2015 that I posted about why Donald Trump might just become the next President of the United States. How very weird that looks to be what is actually happening. It still does not feel real.

And there are still several scenarios that might stop it from ever really happening, such as a recount effort in several key swing states, the threat of some rogue Electoral College delegates switching sides, and of course the possible impeachment of Donald Trump once he does take office.

In that blog from over a year ago, I wrote about leaders needing to be true to themselves and to their core values, and Trump seemingly doing just that. Now that he is trying to put together a cabinet, the most consistent priority I have seen is that his family is more important to him than this country. That is neither surprising nor even particularly upsetting, even though it is sad that he might leave this country in ruins for his own personal, familial needs. Still, one couldn't really blame him for it. And if that is the worst thing he does, he'd be an OK guy in many people's books. But there is no telling what he will do, and honestly, none of it is really registering yet.

I have given some thought to Hillary Clinton though. I must say, I am so glad she is moving on with her life. Before the election, I never would have said that, I was also really sure she was going to win. But to see her reading a book about some other topic entirely made me happy, she should just hang out on Facebook and relax. She has done her duty for this country absolutely, and now her time is over, she deserves to explore something new: retirement. I am surprised at myself for not being more upset, I thought I would have been, but no. Which does suggest part of me knew all along she wouldn't become President.

So of course there was lots of talk pre-election about people wanting to move to Canada. I don't hear much about that now, it seems instead people want to stay here in the US. And fight for what is right.


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