Víkingaheimar, take 2

When I was in Iceland last week, I spent a lot of time in Víkingaheimar and talking about Víkingaheimar with the people now running it and others that know it well.

The history of Víkingaheimar, some of the things that didn't happen and the things that did happen, is not a completely happy one, and it was especially unlucky to try to open just after in the the Kreppa struck. And there are a lot of things unknown about the future of Víkinaheimar, who is going to do what and what changes are going to happen both inside and out.

But I was very happy about two things. First of all, I was happy about how I felt walking into Víkingaheimar. You never know how you are going to feel until the exact moment when you are there, and my emotions could have been anywhere on the spectrum from upset and angry to not caring to annoyed. But instead I was just genuinely and spontaneously happy, and it felt good that I was that engaged, that I am not so scared as to be cut off from feeling happy. It felt good to be there, looking at the view, smelling the tar and the wood.

And then I stopped by on my last day, not for long, just to pick something up. It was really sweet though to see that the people working there had really taken to heart a few of my suggestions, and had actually implemented them, had moved some things around and made some changes I had asked for. That was really sweet. It is such a good feeling, even if it isn't some big dramatic overhaul, just to feel like I was listened to, that I was respected, that my opinion matter. And that people were glad I had come.

All you can do is one step at a time, and be glad for what you got, rather than stewing over what you didn't.

Which reminds me, the lamb stew at Víkingaheimar is really delicious. 


Jono said…
It's nice to make a difference.

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