I hope my readers will forgive me for being so tardy in blogging. Let's just say it isn't a good idea to travel with two deadline projects back home left unfinished. After sleeping in past breakfast time at the hotel this morning (I had been awake working until 5am and then finally fell asleep hard), I salvaged what I could of the day by walking over to the island where the Nordiske Museet, Skanse, and Vasa Museum are located. I was very glad a museum colleague of mine had recommended I see an exhibit at another museum, called Liljevalchs. It is was a bit further down the path but well, well worth it.

The exhibit is called Utopian Bodies, which is a very intersting way to think of clothing, as our idealized self. The exhibit, which took over the whole museum, had all sorts of complex philosophical ideas about dystopias and Utopias, about technology and sustainability, and about conformity. But my two favorite galleries were the last two, one dealing with Judith Butler and gender, with displays of wonderful gender non-conforming clothing, and the last one dealing with love and joy and playfulness.

Anyhow, here is a link for those with an open enough mind to imagine a future unlike our present.


Andy Espina said…
Sometimes we love someone because they are a means to and end, a partner who gets us where we want to go. And that's ok, that's love based on trust and respect. But there are other loves that are impractical, an end and a means in and of itself. That kind of love is a luxury two-income capitalist society does not approve of. Love must be a rat's race, a constant striving. Never just a warm hug on a cold winters night. I miss you.

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