it is raining in California

A long steady rain, the kind of soaking that will surely cause flooding and might actually make a dent in the drought. The kind of rain this disaster zone of a state needs. No fake snow in the mountains, just the real stuff please. 

I'm taking my son down to see my parents tomorrow but am feeling humble about it. Tonight I asked him if he wanted a tuna sandwich for a snack, and he told me he hates tuna. That's the sort of thing a mother really ought to know. 

I made oatmeal for breakfast though, that was good, made it with milk and butter instead of water so it was rich and creamy. 

Anyhow, if there is anything the last days, weeks, months, years and decades have taught me, it is that Star Wars, Star Trek, and Superman are constantly being revamped. And I would like something steadfast, even though I haven't done anything to deserve it. 


Jono said…
I was weaned on tuna sandwiches after my mother died. I was 3 years old with a father who worked his butt off and a baby brother who's diapers I would help change. Oatmeal is always reliable, especially the way you made it. I still have it once in a while.

You know the only thing steadfast is change. Adaptation is supposed to be a human strength, but what if one does not feel like changing? I guess we do if we have to. We don't often get to determine what we deserve. If our friends are in charge of that we will be okay.

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