To thy ownself be true

I am a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorations, one wreath on the door and a manger set on the coffee table and I'm done. But at my work, Christmas is a huge production. Today I am (with a committee of people more interested than I am) decorating SEVEN Christmas trees. And then over the next month, I will coordinate four separate Christmas themed events. So well some people look forward to the holidays, but I am tired of it already.

I am glad therefore to be distracted by a few side projects a bit more up my alley. One is a consulting project for Disney's Norwegian Pavilion in Epcot, another is working up the prep for the class I am teaching in the spring on museums. Closer to "home" is the conversations I am beginning to have with the new ownership of Vikingaheimar. It sure would be fun to do some consulting work for them. And then of course there is the whole revamp of the Nordic Heritage Museum I am involved with.

It is nice to be a long-term contractor, it gives one a lot more freedom and flexibility.


Jono said…
I was at Epcot about twenty years ago with my parents. The Norwegian pavilion is about the only exhibit I remember. It was the last outing I did with both of my parents. You've really got some interesting things going.

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