Looking forward

I had a long conversation in Icelandic today, with the rep for an Icelandic company with offices in New York. I tried not to spend too long complaining about things that went wrong that I didn't like, and instead steer the conversation about opportunities moving forward. But it's difficult, because I'm still upset that I didn't get the kind of help that would have made it possible to get things right the first time. But for everything there is a season, these things happen for a reason, I need to take care of myself and not rely on the goodwill of others, blah blah blah. Anyhow, who knows, maybe something good will come of it, the conversation left me hopeful and thinking big.

In fact, I was so optimistic I even participated in some radio promotion to win $1000. My turn to win the lottery?

But before all that happened, I was starting to draft a blogpost about some of my favorite songs, which may surprise some of my readers, and the automatic scanning app that has decided I am a 65 year old woman based on how thoughtful and verbose my blog is.

My taste in music is rather more hyper. So, without further ado, to wit:

There is a song on the radio these days that I rather like, and I was realizing it's similar to a string of other songs I've liked throughout my life. I'm glad to see I have a consistent core, despite my predeliction for a "growth mentality". And judging from these songs, that core is pretty intense.

1. New arctic monkeys song Do I wanna know

2. Which is s lot like crawling on my knees

3. Here's an earlier song that shocked my friends - sweat by inxs

4. And the first song I really got hyped about (even bought a poster and hung it in my room) animals strike curious poses

Judging from this playList, I could probably handle a bit more energetic lifestyle than I've been accustomed to. Blame the PhD ;)


HT said…
Blame it on the boogie!
Jono said…
Blame it on the rain.
Jono said…
P.S. You'll make a fine 65 year old when the time comes.

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