Upsetting realization

Apparently, everything I have been writing the last few days hasn't been saving properly, or at least I can't find any trace of it out on Google Drive. I guess it was only getting uploaded to one server, and not to the backup system, or something. Anyhow, that is really frustrating, because I thought it was something I could share with a wider audience, which would definitely have helped move things along this weekend. The even more frustrating thing is that I didn't realize it before I left, otherwise I could have maybe emailed the files to myself or something. So now I need to apologize to my co-worker. What a bummer.

I am of course 700 miles away from my computer, and did not even consider bringing it with me. It is old, and heavy, and carrying it around is like carrying around a ball and chain. Plus I don't want to be tied down all weekend with more writing. Jeez, I am really upset.

That realization coming to me at the end of a long day of driving is especially upsetting, it is not like I can just get home and fix it quickly. My only option now is to write an email to my coworker saying "gee, I thought you could take a look at all the stuff I have been working on, but umm, woops!" - not good.

Plus, well, I am down here to take care of my son while my ex-husband hangs out with my sister's ex-husband. In other words, the two of them are ex brothers in law. Or just friends now, really. They are hanging out drinking, I presume, Scotch at the Scottish Highland Games happening in Pleasanton. Good for them, I am happy they can hang out and do things together, glad that I can assist in giving them some quality time together. I would never want to be the sort of boring person that complained about brothers-out-law hanging out together, being friends, as they saw fit, even though to me the whole thing is rather awkward and uncomfortable for me personally.

It is weird, of course I am facebook friends with my ex brother in law, and I hear a few things through my niece. But otherwise, his life is really a mystery to me now. Unless people post things to facebook, and I am facebook friends with them, I swear I know next to nothing about their lives. This is especially true of my friends in Iceland, since I don't live there anymore, I don't hear any of the gossip. So I don't know who is with whom, how many kids people have, their ages or names, unless I am facebook friends with my relatives, and they post that stuff. Otherwise, I am only guessing, with a vague feeling that hmm, that cousin has two daughters, right?  I don't know anything. Of course, I also have instagram and google plus, but that doesn't see anywhere as much traffic. And none of my friends or relatives blog anymore.

It is too bad the day has ended up like this. It started so well, with a beautiful drive through the mountains. In fact, early this morning, while it was still foggy out, I saw two people walking along the highway. One of the them was wearing a windbreaker and a baseball cap, looked like a typical Oregonian teenager. The other I saw a few minutes later, on the other side of the road, it was a man with shoulder length brown hair, dressed in a long white cloak. I wish I'd had the reflexes to stop and offer the latter one a ride.


Elizabeth said…
Love and honor, forsaking all others, until death do us part.
Lissy said…
Fictive kin bonds can be very good for lonely people, like only children who feel very connected to a step sibling they only see once a year at Christmas.

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