Pleasantries to Pass the Time

I suppose it might be terribly American of me, but I like to talk about work, and what is going on in my workplace. I am kind of a workaholic, and ambitious in the sense that it is important to me that my work be meaningful and forwarding a purpose beyond my own wallet. It also might be terribly American of me that I will just strike up a conversation with virtual strangers, and more often than not, steer that conversation towards work. That might seem standoffish or arrogant, but since work is actually personal and important to me, I always feel like I've established a real connection with someone, if they understand what it is like to work at a university, and on odd outreach projects to the general public.

At a barbecue we had at my work on Friday, I realized that this penchant was not serving me very well with my coworkers, however. Everyone else was finding ways to laugh and have conversations about light and easy non-work related topics. But I have a weird sense of humor and non traditional attitudes about many things, so I find it best to stick to something safe, like work. That is, until the other issues have been properly vetted.


Anonymous said…
I think work is a kind of heterotopia, that one is not supposed to discuss outside the workplace.

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