Flækjast yfir heiminn

So at the same time that Justin Bieber decides to go to Iceland for quick 2 day visit, Pope Francis takes a trip to Cuba and Washington D.C., and the President of China comes to Seattle.

All of these disparate events are interesting to me for very different reasons, and resonate on different levels, and on different scales, but are newsworthy in their way. Justin Bieber might seem like the least important, but because I always keep somewhat of an eye on what is going on in Iceland, I actually was quite interested to see how much Bieber would tweet, etc. about his trip, since that could impact tourism in Iceland. When he was younger, I thought he was quite cute, and now I feel awkward about that, since he is only 20 or so now I think - so yuck, 5 years ago he wasn't even legal. I also feel guilty that I don't think he is attractive now at all. People change, my tastes change, I guess that is normal, and maybe it isn't just his looks that are unattractive to me now, maybe it is the whole lack of morals and principles. But I think it is great that he is trying to reinvent himself, and I am impressed with his choice of vacation spot. He can't be all bad, and who knows, he might grow into a fine person someday.

The President of China coming to Seattle surprised me when I first heard about it, but is actually turning out to be quite a nuisance, since freeways are being closed all over the place at random times to accommodate his business deals. Yes, business deals. The leader of the great communist nation is here to sign agreements with Boeing and Microsoft. Capitalism is so boring, it snares everyone, turns everyone into a commodity. So though closest to home, and therefore newsworthy for the potential it has to impact my life for the next few days, of these three visits, the President of China coming to Seattle is just depressing.

I am hanging the most hope, as I think the whole world is, on the visit of the Pope to the United States. Boy is he cool - going first to Cuba and then to the United States - that takes some swagger, and shows he has his priorities straight. People here are eager to hear whatever few words he says in public, the one sentence he uttered today made national news. And he is supposed to make a speech to the Congress tomorrow or sometime soon. Turns out the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is a devout Catholic. So just a small gesture from the Pope can make a big difference for this country.

All this talk of travel to far flung places also makes me very glad to say I am not leaving this timezone anytime soon. Here I am, here I will be, you can count on me.


Jono said…
I wonder if the Pope will say, "Jesus was not a Republican."

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