Donald Trump

America is a strange country, and its age is certainly starting to show. The quick boom of post-world II led to a lot of square brick buildings getting built very quickly, followed by the 60s automobile craze where strip malls popped up everywhere. 50 years later, we are still suffering from that urban/sub-urban "planning" disaster. This was all too apparent to me when the plane landed in Oakland the other day, and today when I took a bike ride here in Kent. Trash floating around, boring buildings, bloated streets, there is nothing much appealing anymore about the good old USA.

Still, its my country, and I'd like to see it get a decent president at the next election. When I was in Norway, I had a conversation with my hostess about Donald Trump and her amazement was palpable that a man like that could even be remotely involved in politics, or in running for the office of President. At the time, I was totally in agreement. And then I get back to the US, and see hours of coverage on CNN of Mr. Trump. The word on the street here is that people think he is funny, and he's got that can-do attitude that Americans think is somehow unique to the U.S.. But mostly what Donald Trump has that makes him an attractive candidate to a sizeable portion of Americans is that he is "true to himself". Everything Donald Trump does resonates with what we already know about Donald Trump. Most politicians on the other hand bend themselves according to the crowd, and thereby remain safe and likeable. 

U.S. elections probably don't matter near as much as they used to, we are a fading super-power anyhow, and no one should loose their shirt one way or another over what happens over here. Although, with Donald Trump as President, we might just take over the world... :D


Jono said…
The thing The Donald loves the most is Donald. We live in a culture of celebrity and if we see someone on television enough that person has credibility and value. While I like a good laugh as much as the next person, maybe even more than the next person, I don't think we need an entertainer to be president. If it happens, all I can say is that I am glad I have lived most of my allotted years.

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