San Francisco Þorrablót

Last night, the Icelandic-American Association of Northern California had its Þorrablót celebration, which I think technically makes it a few days too late, since the full moon a few days ago would have marked the end of the month of Þórri if I understand things correctly.

The Association had gotten in the habit of having the celebration a bit late, so that a chef could be brought from Iceland to do a proper Þorrablót for all of us recalcitrant Icelanders living here in the Bay Area. But this year they had no such excuse, since the Association decided not to have an Icelandic chef and band on hand for the occasion.

Instead we met at the Norwegian Men's Club, which is a cool row house at Golden Gate Park, beautifully decorated and set up, with a bar in the basement and pool tables on the 4th floor. (The only problem with this place, which I have blogged about before, is that it is exclusively a men's club, so little old me is only allowed in when there is an Icelandic Association event being held there). Anyhow, the Association used their chef, and we had traditional Scandinavian type dishes rather than Þorrablót food.

There was however hákarl on hand. I dutifully tried to eat the two pieces I was given, but that did not work out so well. Thankfully I was able to make it to the men's room before real disaster struck. 


Unnar Þór Bachmann said…
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Unnar said…
Var Clint Eastwood á staðnum? Fékk hann sér hákarl og brennivín?
Lissy said…
Clint meiddi ekki. Eg veit ekki af hverju.

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