Last week, I went to the doctor here at Berkeley, because my right elbow and my left shoulder have been hurting me so much it is really difficult to do all the writing I need to do. I asked the doctor about going to a chiropractor or getting acupuncture, but she launched into a big discussion of the perils of non-western medicine. She then gave me a referal to physical therapy, which did not have any appointments this month.

The Icelandic medical system was not seeming so bad at this point.

The doctor did however also give me a bunch of handouts about ergonomic work stations, in particular for someone like me who uses a laptop as my main working computer. And one of the major tips is to raise the computer screen up to eye level. This of course only works if you have a remote keyboard and a mouse, which I do. So the main trick was finding a good way to elevate my computer.

I am delighted to report that I have enlisted Blue-y for this duty. Blue-y is the name I gave to this little blue stool when I was four years old, which I would carry around with me everywhere I went. My sister kept it for me for a few years when I was living in various places, and gave it back to me after Palmer was born. The legs are too loose on it for Palmer to actually use it, so it has been sitting in my bedroom with some of Palmer's clothes stacked on it. But I realized on Monday it is exactly the right height to elevate my computer.

Now Blue-y is going to help me get through the last chapter of my dissertation and the conclusion, and that makes us both happy.


Jon Frimann said…
Vandamálið hjá þér er of lítið lyklaborð (og hugsanlega of lítil mús líka). Fáðu þér staðlað 104 lyklaborð sem þú getur tengt við tölvuna með USB.

Síðan mæli ég með því að þú standir upp og teygir úr þér á 1 til 2 klukkutíma fresti.

Ég skrifa einnig mjög mikið, en er ekki með nein af þessum vandamálum sem þú lýsir hérna.
Jon Frimann said…
Ég sé núna að þú ert með venjulegt lyklaborð. Vandamálið hjá þér er þá kannski frekar lítill skjár sem erfitt er að horfa á.

Ég mundi aldrei vinna svona ritvinnslu á ferðavél. Mundi ekki leggja í það.

Síðan ráðlegg ég þér að bakka upp skrifin hjá þér. Enda væri mjög slæmt ef þú tapaðir þessari vinnu. Þú getur notað Dropbox, Google Drive sem eru ókeypis. Enda ertu ekki að taka afrit af miklu magni gagna.

Gangi þér vel með þetta. :)
Lissy said…
Hi Jón,

Yes, I think the small screen is hurting my eyes. But actually, I do back up my dissertation. I have a Lacie backup system. I am not sure if you can see it in the picture, just behind Blue-y.

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