Mind-body integration

Yesterday I finally made it out to my aunt's house in Sandgerdi, and over to Fanney's house as well. And of course everyone wanted to hear how Pálmar is doing. So I shared with Ósk my pet theory that some of Pálmar's "behavior problems" were related to issues of him trying to overcome messages from his body that he needed to sleep or eat or go to the bathroom. In other wards that his mind was always trying to control his body. Ósk, who has had health problems of her own, understood this, and sympathized with it, but also, somewhat to my surprise, also understood it as a false dichotomy created by modern Western society. And indeed it is. We ought to listen to our body, and not fight it all the time. 

I guess that is why I am not that big of a fan of the Olympics, even though it is always interesting to watch. But it is a relief when the closing ceremony finally rolls round. 


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