Joseph Smith

Until this weekend, I had only driven through Salt Lake City. But on Thursday night I arrived here and was instantly struck by how clean and new everything is. It only took me a bit longer to notice how small-town chatty and nice everyone is. My colleague, with whom I am sharing a room, called me and said they had been super nice at the front desk about leaving a key for me, but then I started noticing everyone is like that. A girl walking down the street struck up a conversation with me, everyone smiles at each other. But the topper was tonight after dinner. I have had a slight headache the entire time I have been here, and am a tiny bit stuffed up and run down, so I was in no way in the mood to go out drinking with everyone tonight. Instead I came back to the hotel, and decided to get in the jacuzzi. 

A couple was in there, and of course they started chatting with me all about their kids and how they were taking a romantic weekend get away. Then another couple arrived, and the four of them started chatting. It turned out that they were neighbor's of the first man's sister. 

Yeppers, I felt like I was back in Iceland. 


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