School psychologists

The modern public education system is foundational for democracy, both in Iceland and in California. With this comes a certain hubris, that the school is rather "responsible" for a child, in a way that almost relinquishes responsibility from the parents. Of course, schools always talk about how essential parental involvement is, but it is far too easy to not get involved, and just to let the school handle whatever issues or problems come up. Plus it is difficult, as a parent, to know how to be involved without feeling like one is interfering or complaining or making the jobs of underpaid teachers and school administrators worse than it needs to be.

Today though Palmer's father and I and his pediatrician all agreed that in some things, the school should not be taking the lead. Because we know Palmer far better than any teacher dealing with 20 students possibly could, or any school principal dealing with 300 students could, or any district psychologist visiting 7 campuses possibly could.

It may not be democratic, but families are far more foundational.


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