Military retirement

Although I am no longer a military dependent, my son still is. Which means the vagrancies of the military retirement process affect him and his life. After retirement, the military pays for one final move of all household goods. By defacto, this is back to where the enlistment first took place, i.e. Georgia. Of course that can be changed to any destination Dave chooses, and well, since this isn't happening until early 2013, he hasn't made up his mind yet. Depends on where he gets a job.

And well of course he'd rather stay in California. Who wouldn't?

Well, anyone who was interested in actually buying a house might not. The Bay Area housing market is unbelievably expensive, and recession proof. Well over a half a million dollars for even the smallest most ordinary 2 bedroom house. In Georgia, you can get a 5 bedroom, 2 story home with a pool for $300,000.

Makes the Icelandic housing market not seem so bad at all.


Anonymous said…
Guess that is like a tenured academic position, you are stuck with it for life until they kick you out.

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