Yesterday I discovered that not only do my parents read my blog, but so does my sister-in-law. So now their Christmas surprises are a little bit spoiled, since I discussed what I was getting them in my last blog.

I have to say though that even with mishaps like that, I agree with Arianna Huffington, who raves about how great blogging is. And I think it is exactly for things like this that blogging is so great. When I post an update on Facebook, I know that 293 people are going to get it in their feed, the next time they log onto facebook. And so what I write on there, I write more or less for those 293 people, to make them smile or laugh or think.

But what I write in my blog, I write pretty much for myself. Of the 43 people officially following me, I think I only know two of them. So although my blog is more accessible to more people than my facebook account, it feels to me much more like a personal communication. I say here what I want to say, what is important to me, what I have been thinking about. As I have demonstrated on a number of occasions, I am not thinking much at all about my audience when I blog. It is something I do because I enjoy it, and I expect to keep doing it.

Today for maybe the first time I thought about blogging about an incident with my neighbors, but decided instead to just tell a friend on gmail chat about it. He didn't seem to think much of my little anecdote, and well I really felt I should have just blogged about it, and not bothered to try to tell him a funny little story. That is, afterall, exactly what blogs are for. To talk about those parts of ourselves we are thinking about and don't mind sharing with the world, if anyone actually bothered to read it.


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