Busy week ahead

This week is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., and as seems, elementary school kids in most of the U.S. get this week off. At least Palmer does, and every other child I know. This is different than when I was a kid; we only used to get Thanksgiving Thursday and the Friday afterwards off. But now it is a whole week. So Palmer is coming to stay with me this week, which will be fun. And my mom and dad are coming up on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. Dave is, as always, going to do the honors in terms of most of the cooking, but I think I will at least make some sweet potatoes and a pumpkin pie or maybe lemon bars (my mom left a package of that at my apartment last time she was up, and it is about time it get used!).

But actually I am not thinking all that much about the holiday. My mind is still rather preoccupied with the Occupy protests and what has been going on at University of California Berkeley and Davis campuses.

On top of that, I have a lot of work issues I am thinking about. A professor from my department is coming to observe my class on Tuesday, so I need to have a rather effective lesson plan in place, rather than just winging it (which I of course never ever do ;). The Tuesday after that, I am meeting with another professor for lunch, and was just now thinking about what I would say to him while vacuuming my livingroom. I have never met with him before, but he strikes me as having a rather strong personality, so I suppose I will let him lead the conversation mostly (which is unusual for me!). And I am also thinking about my student's papers, hoping I have given them an assignment that is not too difficult, although with students as bright and hard working as I have at Berkeley, they always manage to impress me.

Plus Thanksgiving is always around the time when it hits me that Christmas is just around the corner, and another year has almost past away. Next year I will be 40 years old.

I am happy I lived in Iceland before I got to be 40. I guess that is one thing I will tell the Professor, if he asks.


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