Roof liner

I have a white 1993 SAAB 9000CS, and today I am putting a new liner on its interior roof. The old liner got a hole in it sometime in 2003 or 4, and then it started to sag around that point, right over the middle of the back seat. The sag got worse and worse as more and more fabric came loose from the metal roof of the car, until eventually it was hard to see out of the rear view mirror. This, plus the fact that the car leaked oil terribly and the engine head was cracked, made my dad and others suggest I should probably sell the car. I of course was unwilling to do so. Not only do I not have the title to the car (long story - I lost it during my move to California in 2003 and have never had a chance to go back to Virginia to get a replacement), but I wouldn't want to sell the car anyhow. I bought it in 2000, from an Ethiopian guy who owned the gas station where it used to get serviced by the doctor who bought it new. That part doesn't matter so much I guess, save to suggest that new, a SAAB is considered a luxury car. And indeed many things about my car still retain that mark of sophistication: power windows and locks, great AC system, wonderful handling, and a 12 CD changer.  Although my mother suspects the main reason I like the car is because of the music system, which I do like a lot, my dad recognized that the car is indeed really fun to drive. Although it is only a 4 cylinder car, it has a really nice little power range right where you would need it, when trying to pass a semi-truck going up a hill, for instance. I also like how fun it is to drive on windy roads in general. So, although it costs me a lot of money to get the car repaired, and new problems and repairs keep cropping up, I remain loyal to my old 1993 SAAB. Today I am using some spray glue to try to fasten new fabric up over the back seat, having cut out the old saggy stuff with the holes in it. Palmer picked out the fabric--it has various goofy cat faces all over it.

I imagine putting up this fabric will not add much to the resale value of the car, but then since I don't have the title, and no one in their right mind would buy a 18 year old car, I guess I don't really need to worry about it too much. 

Instead I imagine I will have to limp along with my increasingly quirky SAAB for the foreseeable future. It reminds me in a way of my cat Ember, who I kept alive for a remarkable 8 years after he was diagnosed with diabetes, by giving him insulin shots twice a day, taking his blood sugar readings, and injecting extra saline solution under his skin. I can nurse something along for a mighty long time, if I do so say myself. 

Of course, now I have a new cat, a 1 year old, healthy and happy and playful kitty not at all like Ember.

And if someone wants to give me a newer SAAB, I would indeed accept. 


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