Building aesthetics

The manager of the complex I moved into explained to me that it was "built by a bunch of hippies in the 60s". Ever since he told me that, I have been looking for evidence of some sort of hippie-love-commune aesthetic to the building. The shape of the building, seen from the air, would be like a hammer and sickle, maybe? Well anyhow, the main section of the building is a u shape that has a pool in the middle, and maybe the idea was that all the residents would hang out at the pool together? (Now a days, no one goes to the pool if they see anyone else there.) Inside the apartment, there is even less evidence of some sort of hippy aesthetic; rather it seems to inculcate a traditional family life, with his and her sinks and his and her closets. This is not a swinging bachelor pad.

So, anyhow, I think I may offer to the building manager that the building is built in a Scandinavian modernist style, which is not a hippy aesthetic.

The thing that is rather hippy commune about it, though, is the rent. I could afford to keep paying the rent with nothing other than a part-time job at a coffee shop, I do believe.


William said…
please aim your sights a bit higher!
Lissy said…
Haha, yes Dad I will! With a Master's in Anthropology, and a PhD in Scandinavian, I actually should be in pretty good shape, since most of the unemployment if for people without post-secondary education.

But if not, I will at least try for a coffee shop that only carries 3rd world fair trade coffee and which has furniture all in Scandinavian design, thus utilizing my vast education.

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