Next week, I am going to Sweden for a conference. So when my mom and dad and brother were hear this weekend, I was talking to them about my upcoming trip. Then my brother asks me, "What are you going to do about kitty?"

Now of course I have had a lot on my mind preparing for this conference: making the travel arrangements, writing the paper, figuring out how to cover my class, and how to pay for it. But still I felt really bad when my brother asked me this question.

I had totally forgotten that I would be leaving my cat all alone for a week. It is like I had forgotten that a cute, sweet, funny, lively kitty lives with me, and depends on me to take care of her (even though she jumps on my bed every morning and lays on my computer when I write).

Although she might not perceive the ownerly-slight, I do, and I am determined to make up for it. Putting her in boarding at the vet's office is totally out of the question. I am not heading off to an international trip, while she sits crammed in a cage.


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