School supplies

Last year I was in Iceland for Palmer's first day of kindergarden, but this year I am here in California and took my little guy to his first day of First grade. It was a fun moment; he was happy and everyone was in a good mood. On the way back to the car I was chatting with some of the other parents, feeling like a super mom. That is, until I realized that there had been a wee bit of miscommunication between his father and me. Neither one of us had taken it upon ourselves to buy Palmer's school supplies: the new set of crayons, the box for storing pencils, the special white eraser, etc. Nope. Palmer's backback contained only his lunch, two pencils and an old eraser. Now my mommy guilt is at about a level 7.

I am keeping my fingers crossed though. So he did not have the proper supplies for the first day of class. It does not mean we cannot get them tonight, before the second day of class.


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