Today I looked at an apartment--put in an application actually for an apartment--that is in the area pretty near where Palmer and his father live, one town over. I liked the apartment as soon as I walked in, because it is on the top floor, because it has a little balcony, because there was a place for my brand new and really pretty stool.

But mostly I liked it because it is really similar in both design and layout to Palmer's dad's apartment. The bedroom leads into the bathroom past a series of mirrored closets, which is really nice. The carpet is white, the layout open. It definitely has the same feel as Palmer's dad's house, and I believe Palmer will see it as if his mom and dad have equal living conditions.

Maybe it seems like a silly issue, but I do not want my son to think his mom is "worse off" than his dad. Financially, of course, I make much less money than Palmer's father. But I try to manage what I have, and I like to think I do alright.

Plus Palmer got used to his mom having a certain standard of living because of my apartment in Iceland. That place was big, it was comfortable, it was nicely furnished. Palmer did not have the impression his mom was hardly making ends meet, just as he does not have that impression from his father.

I hope I get the apartment I went to today.


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