Today, I got a new cell phone. I might even like it better than the cell phone I bought in Iceland two years ago. It is an android phone from Sprint with beautiful graphics, an app for kindle and games and all sorts of things. The phone was (practically) free with signing up for a contract. But the monthly fee is almost $100 a month (since I will also be using it as my modem to get online with my Macbook).

On the way home from the store, I decided I really am going to need to move in the fall. My apartment is so expensive that I basically do not have $100 a month to spare. Which is totally ridiculous. The main way I justified such an expensive apartment last semester is no longer valid. In the spring, I was teaching at 8am, and really needed to be able to walk to class. But in the fall I will be teaching two afternoons a week, which means I could live just about anywhere in the whole Bay Area.

Ah, freedom.


William said…
Does this mean I can cancel the "Verizon" number you've been using?
Lissy said…
Haha, yeah Dad, I was going to call you about that.

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