June 17th

When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, me and all my classmates used to celebrate the 17th of June. But alas, it was not because of Icelandic independence day. It was because it was the last day of school.

One of my very best friends in elementary school, Christine, also had her birthday on this day. Her and I lost touch with each other in 8th grade, but rekindled our friendship a few years later.

Last month she moved to a new house in a town called Roseville, east of Bereley by about 100 miles, and this afternoon I am going there to see her for her birthday. I will be sure to tell her this is also Jón Sigurðsson's birthday.

I have not bought a gift for her yet, but I think making the effort to go see her is the best gift I could give one of oldest and dearest friends anyhow.


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