St. Mark's and General Hospital

On Easter Sunday, Palmer and I went to St. Mark's Episcopal Church. I have no idea what the difference is between Episcopalian and Catholic, really. But I make a point every Easter Sunday of going to a denomination I have never been to before, and I like to think that whatever one I settle on is the one with the right message for me to hear that year. The woman who gave the sermon yesterday spoke about those who see Easter as a 40 day ritual of cleansing and prayer and renewal, and those who see it as a celebration for one day, or even one morning. I have never given up anything for Lent, but it always occurs to me at least a few times during Lent that I should try to do that one year, give up something specific. Anyhow, her sermon was good because it was all about feeling welcome, and that the point is to open ourselves up to the possibility of wonder. To take time out of thinking about all the little daily concerns, and contemplate for a moment something existential, something metaphysical, something beyond immediate comprehension. To give our minds room to expand into that which is not categorical.

I like to do that every Easter, absolutely. I like to also look for moments like that in other places and at other times. The other day, I immediately recognized the theme song to General Hospital, even though I have never once watched that show, and I almost crashed my car from the sheer amazement of realizing I knew something I did not think I know. The brain is a mystery, life is a mystery.


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