Daylight Savings Time

This morning I observed Daylight Savings Time for the first time in three years. I had forgotten how the media here in the States start talking about it a few days ahead of time, and I had forgotten how little people look forward to springing forward, because one looses an hour of sleep Sunday morning. (Unlike when the clock falls back.) My sleep schedule has been erratic enough that I did not particularly worry too much about it, but I was grateful that my computer and cell phone remembered to reset itself to the proper time.

Now I am setting my watch to the proper time, so that my time pieces are in accordance with one another, which is of course helpful. I still have to adjust the clocks in my car, however.

One of the many administrative problems Icelanders have found a way to avoid.


Anonymous said…
And some people actually want to start using summer time up here! Stupid!
Lissy said…
The best thing about Iceland not being on DST is that now there is only 7 hours difference between California and Iceland, instead of 8.

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