When I was in the U.S., I mentioned to Dave that I was thinking of buying an Ipad. He asked whether or not everyone in Iceland knew about them, and I said I had no idea what people in Iceland knew or did not know about Ipads. Which is in some sense correct, I have myself not seen any Icelandic advertisements for Ipads. But on the other hand, I did notice a bit of buzz around when the Ipads were first announced, so I suppose I could have just as easily said to him that I was sure everyone knew all about them. Just because none of my relatives have told me over coffee that they plan to buy one does not necessarily mean that I could not surmise Icelandic interest in the availability of this product. Instead I just said that living in Keflavík, I am a bit out of the loop as to what is going on in the city. Dave just said he figured people in Iceland had to know about it.

In retrospect, I feel a bit silly for having painted both myself as such a country bumpkin, when instead I could have acted very much on the cutting edge, in the know. Something about being in California, and being asked to speak for all of Iceland, made me shy.

I plan to buy and Ipad when I go to the States in January though. One of the people at Saga Club said it was terribly helpful in the classroom; there is some add on that allows one to link notes from the Ipad into a projector, so the whole class can see what the teacher is writing, without them having to turn their back on the class to write on the blackboard. Sounds very cool. See, now I want to be all techno savvy....


Matthias said…
We bought an iPad in the US in August, brought it home to Iceland and are quite happy with it as our joint second home-machine.
Buying new apps is the problem, you have to have a bank card in USA (or in for instance Norway, as is our case), or you buy a prepaid credit card.
The iPad is a marvelous little toy!
Anonymous said…
I was thinking about getting one, until I found out it can't handle more than one program at a time, which makes it totally useless for me - the multitasker :D

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