Berkeley is brutal

I have been looking through Craig's List, trying to find somewhere to stay next semester when I am in Berkeley. Oh my god, it is so depressing.

The Icelandic housing market is absolutely a piece of cake by comparison. I mean there is no comparison.

I click on an ad that looks promising - $600 per month 1 bedroom in a 2 bedroom apartment. OK, not so bad. I would not get my own place, but then I know perfectly well there is no chance of getting my own place for anything less than $1500 a month, unless I want to live in a run down neighborhood or be a 20 minute bus ride away from campus (actually both).

But here's the catch, that is $600 dollars a month to SHARE the one bedroom. There are already THREE other people living in the 2 bedroom apartment, and if I am really lucky and beg just hard enough, I might get the honor of sharing a room with someone else for the low low price of $600 a month.

Any chance of my son getting to come spend the weekend with me goes Poof! right out the window, and I am back to the idea of staying at Dave's house anytime I want to see Palmer.

I do not even want a flatmate I don't know, let alone a *literal* roommate I don't know. I am just too old for that.


Carlos said…
Mobile home in Berkeley?
Lissy said…
My mom actually offered that, since they own a motor home. She was like "we could just park it on a street somewhere for you." Pretty sure Berkeley has an ordinance against that....
Lissy said…
Update, sent in an email about another place, which has an ad so oddly worded. "Master bedroom, den, and living room all available for rent as single bedrooms, double or single occupancy." Meaning that in essence, there could be six people sharing those three rooms, one of which is supposed to actually be a living room. Then there is the owner of the house, that makes 7 people in a two bedroom flat. I am considering renting two rooms myself just for some hope of some private space.
Jon said…
The basic problem is that you were born smart and good looking instead of rich. I feel your pain.

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