Today it is foggy here in the San Francisco Bay area. Dave and Palmer live a bit inland, and here the fog usually burns off faster than near the coast. I was listening to the radio while driving Palmer to school this morning, and they were talking about the thick fog making traffic terrible this morning. I have heard traffic reports like this my whole life, but this morning it struck me as an actual problem, and I was so happy it was not my problem, driving here in the neighborhoods of Moraga.

The commercial on the radio as I pulled into the parking lot here was a commercial for a particular health plan, Sutter Health I think it was, which has, according to the announcement, "thousands of doctors in the Bay Area for you to choose from." I laughed to myself, realizing of course that there is not "thousands of doctors" in all of Iceland.

But nor is there all this traffic.

I am thinking about all this because next semester, I will be back here in California, teaching at Berkeley. And I am trying to decide where to live, so of course traffic is a consideration. So is price. A single gal on a graduate student income does not have all that many options.


Jon said…
Hopefully, the culture shock won't hurt you. After years in the boonies, living in the Big City seems absurd.
Lissy said…
Thank that is one reason why I am trying to rent a place out here near my son. The Lamorinda area up here (made up of the three towns of Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda) is all rolling hills, tons of oak trees, and houses tucked away up long drive ways. A nice sort of rural, but with Berkeley just 10 minutes away. I really like it out here. When I was an undergraduate at Berkeley, I lived in Lafayette. Never been much of a big city girl.

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