Parliament building

I think I figured out why it is so absolutely shocking and upsetting to me to see people breaking windows and throwing eggs and paint at the Parliament building.

In the U.S., no one does that, no matter how upset, I cannot think of that being done even in the midst of the LA riots.

Pretty sure in the U.S., people would get shot for doing that. Defamation of public property is not taken lightly.


William said…
The U.S. isn't completely broke yet. Just wait!
Thordis said…
The year I worked with the Berkeley PD they had to put on riot gear because of some protest downtown. The city hall got bombarded with a lot of unpleasant stuff. Too bad I cant remember what the issue was.....

Jon said…
We seem to value property more than anything in the U.S. Shoot me, but don't hurt my stuff.

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