Johanna, Libra chick

When Johanna Sigurðardóttir became the Prime Minister of Iceland, people around the world took note of it, not only because she was a woman Prime Minister, which is unusual enough, but also because she was a woman married to another woman (or engaged to when she became Prime Minister I think). People found this all very fascinating and wished her well in her new undertaking.

I had a slightly different reason for being excited about her appointment as PM. Johanna, like me, is a Libra. Her birthday is one day before mine. I know a lot of Libras, and I like all the ones I have ever met, so I assume I would like Johanna, if I knew her.

But this also peaked my curiosity, because Libras are not really the right sign to be in leadership roles. We have a deep sense of justice, want people to be treated fairly and equally, which makes us willing to be outspoken defenders of the downtrodden. But that same impulse also makes us be more of a consensus builder type of leader, rather than a bold charge ahead type, pushing aside whoever gets in our way. We want to do what is right, and not what is popular, but are only willing to go so far in unsettling people's lives. Libras believe in a middle road.

I am not surprised therefore that her particular leadership style is not exactly what the people in Iceland expect right now.


Anonymous said…
Jóhanna totally didn't want to take the leader mantle, she was basically forced into it as the only one in Samfylkinging that people trusted.

I also like Jóhanna but no, she's not the "strong leader" type.
Valur said…
Jú, lýsingin á Voginni á vel við Jóhönnu. Þú ættir að líta á það sem heiður að vera Vog. Ég hef alltaf kunnað ósköp vel við Jóhönnu og fundist það miður hvað fólk er alltaf að aggast út í hana.

Svo er náttúrulega deilt um að það hversu góður leiðtogi hún er. En ég sem Vatnsberi hef enga rosa þörf fyrir leiðtoga. Þeir eru frekar til ama hjá mér.

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