Ready for the big time?

The Ljósanótt festival starts here in Reykjanesbær today, and runs until Sunday. At Víkingaheimar, we've got two for one admission all weekend, and our resident Viking, Böðvar the Blacksmith, will be having on site demonstrations using a bellow forge table we just had built. So I am looking forward to seeing that in operation. The play Ferðasaga Guðriðar starts its fall season tonight, and the tickets are already sold out for tonight and tomorrow night, though some seats were still available for Sunday night.

My electrician neighbor, David, was still installing the new lighting system last night, which I have no doubt will be wonderful once it is done.

Still, with all these various projects trying to come together at the same time, it makes me wonder whether or not we are really ready for the big time. Though of course, at some point you do just have to go for it.


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