Wish I could stay

I am up in Skagafjorður, and the weather today here was spectacular; the weather report is showing just a string of beautiful days coming up this week all over Iceland. I am seriously tempted to stay up here all week. I really rather do wish though 1) I had found somewhere a lot cheaper to say (9.000 kr per night adds up quick) and 2) I did not have company coming in Friday night and 3) I did not have a refrigerator full of food that will start going bad.

I am however thinking of trying to talk my friends that are visiting me into taking a road trip during the 52 hours they are in Iceland!

A 2 and a half hour drive really does not seem like much to an American, and especially not this particular friend of mine, who if I recall correctly was commuting 2 hours daily from her home on the shores of Lake Superior to the school where she was teaching.


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