Really pleased

Well it is just amazing the things that makes a person pleased. This morning I was thinking about the museum, and thought I might want to replace a black table I was using for tourist brochures with a wooden table we have. So I did that today, and well it looks so much better. The wooden table is the same exact sort of wood as is used for the stairs, so the table looks really good there next to the stairs, almost as if it was planned that way. Just the tiniest of changes, and things look a lot more organized and put together.

Now of course I still have to get the whole boat burial exhibition organized, but in the mean time, I can rest a little bit easier, knowing I found the right table for the job.


Jon said…
Where do they get wood in Iceland? Do you know what species?
Lissy said…
Ah, well this is oak, imported from Europe. Icelanders are trying to plant trees and spread forests, but there is not a lumber industry here yet!

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