2 years

I have been blogging for two years! I might say more about this in my next entry, because I am in fact a bit tired at the moment, but on the other hand, I usually try to have a new topic for each new blog entry. Seems like an important part of the job, coming up with something new to talk about. 

I guess that is one reason I have enjoyed the format so much, it has always pushed me to try new things, and I think I have been very much rewarded in the process. Thanks to my readers for 2 great years and may the inspiration keep on flowing. 


Skúli Páls said…
Takk fyrir að leyfa manni að fylgjast með.
Valur said…
Það þýðir að ég hef lesið bloggið þitt næstum því frá upphafi. It's been a pleasure :)
Iris said…
Thank you for the last two years. It was always fun and inspiring to read your posts and always will be.
Lissy said…
Ahh, thanks! I have never felt like my blog was a waste of my time, and am happy others feel the same.

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