Happy Days

Today Palmer and I went to the carnival that Altantic Studios here at Ásbrú was hosting as part of Sumardagurinn, and people were saying "Happy summer" to each other, while eating cotton candy and pizza and standing in line to jump on bouncy things or walk through a ghost house. Something about it reminded me of the TV show I literally grew up with, Happy Days. I watched that show every week, and then the reruns everyday, for many years. Looking through the youtube clips of it makes the show seem a lot worse than I remember it. Mostly I remember the theme song, and how cute the Cunninghams were as a family, and how cool the Fonz was. It was iconic of a certain idea of American history as rooted in the 1950s.

I suspect this show was never shown in Iceland. Or anyhow, the Fonzy "Heeeyyy" has no cultural currency here, nor does his finger snap to get a pretty girl to slide up next to him translate well in the Icelandic milieu.

But I think Icelanders might relate to jumping the shark.


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