Dawning of a new day

I have never made New Year's Resolutions, but this year I think I will make one, and stick to it. I resolve not to write another blog entry unless I have completed a work-related assignment/project. Since starting this blog, it turns out I have not been terribly productive. I've made some progress here and there on the exhibit or editing work and translating, a bit on my own research, but by and large, much less has made it out the door than I expected during the last six months, and I'm feeling a bit apish. So, while I really enjoy writing my blog, I've decided to reserve it as a special treat I get to do when I finish something. I'm sure my readers--the few, the proud--will understand. Plus, 2009 is going to be absolutely fabulous, whether or not I comment on its happenings, of this I am sure.


Ko-Leen said…
I understand - but I will look forward to your postings, it is a good way to keep up on you.

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