The Mall

Tonight I went to the Sears department store up the road from my house, in the South Center shopping mall. I wondered, as I was driving home, after buying 6 elf outfits for work, and a hemp wallet for myself, what will happen to all the shopping centers when capitalism collapses. Or maybe it's consumer-driven capitalism that will collapse. As one drives away from the mall, there are eight more blocks of stores all around the mall, literally every big chain store one could think of, plus a few more interesting local stores.

The mall itself had hundreds of stores--JC Penny, Sears, Macy's, Nordstrom--plus three levels of smaller clothing stores and electronics and house wears, etc. So its an exhausting prospect to go to the mall. I guess it is meant to be exciting, but all it does is make me very bored. I have zero interest in getting sucked into the sales and "latest looks", I wasn't even very interested in that sort of thing as a teenager, although I certainly spent a lot of time at the mall. 

The most interesting thing I saw tonight was the Uniqlo store that has been added. It is a Japanese chain, and all the mannequins in the display window were dressed in costumes inspired by Japanese animation. So if anyone in Iceland wants a red Power Ranger outfit, I can facilitate that. 


Jono said…
Not being a follower of fashion was always easy for me. Living 120 miles from the nearest mall (on this side of the border) also helps.

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