Made my flight and all is well

This crazy situation of my son living in a different state than I live in is at least an improvement over the crazy situation where my son lived in a different country than me. But on days like this, where I work through a frenzy of activity, having several different conversations at once, and then make a mad dash to the airport are especially tiresome. I do not recommend living a double life!

All day today, each time I walked 10 feet, I had to completely shift gears. Though most days are lively, I don't intentionally try to overlap so many things at once. Thank goodness the meeting I had planned, about the bylaws, got cancelled!

At one point in time today, I was simultaneously checking in with the painters refinishing one of the rooms in the center, meeting briefly with my co-curators on an upcoming exhibition about diversity in Scandinavia in my office, dropping in at the meeting of the Danish Siterhood taking place in our meeting room, and helping the alumni office and then one of the volunteers find items in the storage closet, all the while jumping in and out of a conversation with a very patient and interested student, with whom I was having a disjointed conversation about the identity politics of bunads.

So well I am looking forward to a few days without meetings here in California. Other than of course the meeting with my son's teachers and principal. After that, which will be first thing tomorrow morning, I will finally have a bit of quiet time to write, finish up that article perhaps. And maybe send some emails.


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