Answering a bunch of question over and over again

tonight I had my purse stolen. The cop who took the police report asked a few simple questions, all reasonable. Then fun task of calling all my credit card companies began, from the counter of the store where this took place, because of course my cell phone was in my purse and I don't have a land line at home. The credit card companies asked question after question, and kept transferring me here and there and everywhere. At least that was better than sprint, which didn't even have any after hours customer service. The automated prompter still asked me a bunch of questions though.

So well I was going to write a blog tonight about poverty in Mexico, but I must say, I'm highly under motivated to delve into all that now.

I will say that I wish there were more honest people in the world.


Jono said…
Serious inconvenience. At least you weren't attacked physically.

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