Memory foam

After a 12 hour drive, I am glad to be home, but a bit too amped up to go right to bed. Plus, my mattress is not the most comfortable. I have had a series of bad mattresses, starting from when I moved to Iceland 8 years ago, all of them hand-me downs that were pretty wore out. So I am looking forward to having the time and money to buy a real mattress, and would definitely prefer one of those memory foam mattresses. I like the sound of that, as if the mattress would really get to know me, remember me, comfort me and support me. Haha, maybe I need more than a mattress for all that....

This blog has really devolved. It has basically nothing to do with Iceland anymore. I do apologize, for those that come here because they are expecting insights into Iceland. I do occasionally have something to say about Iceland, and may use this blog as a way to think through and prepare for a talk I am giving on the 16th about Iceland, but in reality, I haven't lived in Iceland now for over 4 years. Of course, I have dated a few Icelandic men recently, but that is hardly something I blog about. So, well, my connection to Iceland is clearly more tenuous now than it used to be, and I must say, Norway really surprised me this summer. It has currently knocked Iceland off the top spot of my favorite countries list. So there you go, I managed to get in a tiny bit about Iceland into my blog, which was supposed to be all about Iceland. I lied, I will admit it.

Thankfully, I didn't have to lie to the cop that pulled me over. I thought FOR SURE he had issued a second ticket, but nope! Tears of joy, so grateful and relieved. The other ticket is real, but traffic school can be fun, I am sure. 


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