Drone attacks

I listened to a very upsetting "Fresh Air" broadcast today, driving home from work, on National Public Radio, about the US Citizen killed in a drone attack in Yemen in 2011. It had been such a good day, productive and interesting, good meetings with my dedicated and passionate colleagues. And then to listen to that on the way home, made me really upset, I was crying several times during the evening. What a country I get to live in! Yeah! My tax dollars at work! (sarcasm...) Made me really, really miss living in Iceland. I guess I may be starting to plot my return to that rocky outpost in the middle of the North Atlantic. I made myself lamb steak and stewed red cabbage and scalloped potatoes. Kind of sad to fix such a fancy meal just for me, but my original plan had been to take some beautiful photos of the finished product - my blog needs some food porn. But I was too upset to bother with that.

After eating, I had write a response paper and found myself being especially honest/harsh (I am actually quite an opinionated person), after which all I wanted to do was drink some wine. And watch a program about Walt Disney. Did you know Walt Disney turned into quite a jerk after the success of Snow White, started thinking he was better than everyone else? According to the documentary I was watching, that's what happened. But hey, that was only part 1, the animated feature phase. Part 2 will be aired I guess soon, and I suppose it will be his whole Amusement Park building phase.

I am so tired, and have a 7:30am Skype meeting with a Norwegian artist. So I am babbling. But just to say, I do not condone what the US government did to that religious leader, and I am writing this blog just in case they are keeping tabs on such things. Even though they really should not be reading my blog at all. 


Jono said…
Disney was also a "friendly" witness during the McCarthy era. Not a friend of labor and believed the cartoonists strike in 1941 was a communist plot.

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