Happy New Year!

Over the last two weeks, I've had a friend from Iceland staying with me, and that has led to lots of opportunities to make comparisons between California and Iceland. We spent New Years Eve in San Francisco, and Unnar was stunned by how ridiculously steep all the hills were in the city, much steeper than in Akureyri. But he was less impressed by the fireworks display at midnight, which was pretty good for an American fireworks show, but nothing at all compared to the wildness of the individual displays that take place all over Reykjavik on New Years.

We took a hike on New Years day, and I was pleased to get confirmation that there is something similar between the landscape of Iceland and California. The height of the coastal hills is about the same as the mountains in Iceland, and they are both largely treeless.

On a more personal note, it has been great to have someone to speak Icelandic with, and who is willing to offer corrections to me as needed. I was saying "taldi med" instead of "taladi vid" to say "spoke to" for some reason, and am very glad to have that cleared up now.


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