Trader Joe's

From my apartment here, I have three choices in terms of grocery stores. There is a Whole Foods about a mile down the bike path, a Safeway two blocks beyond that, and a Trader Joe's off in the other direction, about as far. This reminds me of living in Reykjanesbær. Safeway is like Bonus, big and the least expensive. Whole Foods is like Netto, fancy produce department and pricey. Trader Joe's is like Kasko, especially in terms of the cozy size of the store, and also the lower-end prices. Not as cheap as Bonus, but a healthier selection of food at a good price.

Trader Joe's specializes in their own items, rather than carrying products made by other companies. They do a little bit of that, but you go to Trader Joe's because you want Trader Joe's whole wheat croissants, or because you want Trader Joe's soup mix, most of which is organic and fair trade and inexpensive. They even have their own brand of wine, called Two Buck Chuck (it only costs two dollars). Trader Joe's frozen meals are great, their coffee is terrific, their brownie bites to die for. 

I bought some Trader Joe's facial tissue last time I was there, which is of course made from 100% recycled paper, 80% post-consumer content. So I felt good buying it for that reason. I am also happy with my choice, because of how cleverly the box is designed. The top, where you pull out the tissue, says, "Please don't leave me in your pocket when you do laundry". Then each of the four sides has a little note signed tissue: "I'm there when you run out of toilet paper. You're welcome, tissue" "I'm there when you're sad. Love, tissue" "I'm there when you need to pick up icky things. Kindly, tissue." "I'm there when you're sick. Fell better, tissue". 

I do not recall Kasko having any products quite like that. 


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