Of Monsters and Men

I know I posted on facebook about this band before, but I don't think I have blogged about it. I was first introduced to this band by my parents, who were introduced to it by my cousin Sverrir, who was living at my parent's house while working on his pilot's license late last year. The reason Sverrir is such a big fan of the band is that his little brother, Brynjar, is in the band. So that means my cousin is in the band that won last year's best new band contest in Iceland, and whose band, Of Monsters and Men, now has a US tour lined up. My mom is going to one of their concerts in West Hollywood next month, and told me to fly down and join her, but I don't think that will work out. Instead, the next time I hear the band on a radio station here in California, I won't just think cool that they are from Iceland, I will think hey that's my cousin! Ok, 3rd cousin, but whatever. (His great grand mother and my great grandmother were sisters, and his great grandmother is the woman I am named after.).

The point is they are hot at the moment, and getting hotter.


Lissy said…
One reason I can't go is that I have to go down to LA a month later, for an academic conference at UCLA. Funny thing is the symposium could be named "Of Monsters and Men" since it is about Nordic mythology.

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