Life-long learning

Today I signed Palmer up for a week-long summer camp in Berkeley where the kids learn all about theatre and then perform on stage at the end of the week. I am really excited to have gotten Palmer in: there were only a few spots left even though the class is scheduled for late June. It is that sought-after of a program.

But then Berkeley is the kind of city committed to learning, in every sense of the word, and for a lifetime. It is the kind of city that believes growth and change and experiencing new things is what makes the journey worth living. It is where the progressive movement started, but it will not be where it ends.

And I am proud to be doing my part, albeit in a more traditional way, teaching a writing course to students at Cal. I am trying to teach them to be excited about learning and researching, setting them up for a lifetime of being able to tackle a subject they know very little about, and dive right into it, confident that they will be able to gather up the resources they need. And I am sure the training I am giving will be put to good use.

Because Berkeley is the kind of place that inspires people to be more than they have always been.


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