Either way, the result is the same

I have tackled the conclusion to my dissertation several times; this week I really need to get a complete draft done. The problem is, however, that I have a very associational brain. Whereas the other chapters were focused on particular issues, this chapter is about bringing all the strands together, and I cannot figure out where to start.

So this evening I decided I needed to do a detailed outline for the whole conclusion. Usually, if I need to outline at all, I never need to do it more than once. But tonight I have revised the outline back and forth, first starting with one concept and then starting with another. And well the weird thing is, it really makes no difference. It all circles back on itself, one idea brings up the other and can be approached from varying angles with equally interesting results. I guess the problem is that I don't have a final definitive "answer" I am offering, but rather wish to open up for further discussion an array of issues.

Because the point of a good book is to get people talking.


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